Artrageous with Nate

29 Sep

The back story

About a year ago my good friend Nate Heck asked for some help filming a pilot episode for a children’s art education television show titled: Artrageous with Nate. I had recently got my brand new Canon 7D and was excited to try out the video capabilities  of the 7D. So that is what we did! We rented a bunch of gear from (lenses, fluid tripod head, Merlin Steadicam <– a giant pain to set up,  audio equipment, etc) and filmed 90% of the episode on one long weekend (3 days).  Over two more evenings we wrapped up with a few more shots in front of the green screen and then it went to post production.

The result

Despite several very long days of hard work, making episode 1 was a lot of fun! So much fun, that we are at it again…


I know a year between episodes is a long time but during the last year a lot has been going on.

  • Sarah and I had our second child, Henry
  • I got a promotion in my day job to Software Architect (w00t!)
  • Team Artrageous has been formalized
  • We’ve begun seeking funding for more episode

That last one has been the toughest for Team Artrageous. It is a long and slow process, but we are making some headway. Our current focus is on the Pepsi Refresh Project.  We are submitting Artrageous for the month of November. That means our grant submission is due at the beginning of October.

Tune in

To stay up to date with the project as a whole:

With all that said, I am making it my goal to share with all of you the behind the scenes of how we are doing all of this. In future post I will be:

  • posting on set videos
  • showing you what equipment we are using
  • rigs that we’ve built
  • sharing our mistakes and our epic wins
  • who we look to for inspiration and knowledge on these intertubes

So that is it for now.



Director of Photography Artrageous with Nate

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