My name is Joe Heller and I’m a husband,  father, software engineer (that one pays the bills), homeowner, photographer and I love Jesus.

I grew up in a small town in northern Indiana; graduated from Purdue University; and now live and work in Indianapolis.

I met my wife Sarah at Purdue and we got married in December 2004.  In December 2008 we found out that in about 9 months we would become parents. The following September we met our daughter Chloe. The summer of 2011 brought us our son Henry.

I am a .NET developer. Since graduating in 2003, I have been professionally developing ASP.NET applications in C#.  I really enjoy problem solving, and making things work better.  So the whole software engineering thing is working out really well for me.

Above I mentioned that I’m a photographer, that is really just a serious hobby of mine. I haven’t done any paid work, but think that it might be a good way to get more gear. Anyways you can see some of my work on Also, I am the Director of Photography for Artrageous with Nate.

God has greatly blessed me with my family, job, house, and friends.


Joe Heller

P.S. – Joe Bear

Ah, the whole Joe Bear thing. That came about one evening at our small group when my friend Nate called me that out of the blue. It has been happily sticking around ever since, and I seriously melt every time our fiends’ children call me that.


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